August 4, 2017

Photographer: Matthew Anderson 

Hair & Makeup: Jocelin Williams 

Creative Assistance: Raymond Solano 

Models: Aley Jenkins & I 

Lead Stylist/ Visionary/ Creative Director: Tushiya Hunter 
Studio: Breather (135 Bowery St. New York, NY)

July 14, 2017

How many days out of the week are we guilty of letting our denim make us lazy dressers? (*cough, 6*) We must open our eyes to new possibilities, Fashionistas.

May 2, 2017

I hoped that maybe, just maybe, for once, someone would show up to the Met Gala with the courage to make the theme their own AND blow us away. Rih, thank you.

April 30, 2017

Let's just say-- gone are the days of overly-crowded, uber-prestigious, packed wall-to-wall NYFW runway shows being held in giant tents across the city.

April 2, 2017

If Spring/Summer 2017 runways have proven anything, it’s that this season, the trend is that there are no trends. We make the rules. Can you wear stripes this Spring? What colors are most popular? What silhouettes are taking over? Do we buy ruffles or pleats? Red or pink? Sporty or feminine? Maxi skirts or trousers?...

March 26, 2017

When it comes to trends, they definitely don't just pop up out of nowhere. Though it seems like particular styles and items fascinate the general public all at once, it's actually a well-thought out process, starting from various different points. Even for those who think their fashion sense (or lack there of) is com...

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