February 13, 2017

Though I don't quite keep up with too many blogs, I am an avid social media user! Read on to discover my favorite bloggers and why I am obsessed with their content.

1. Mr. Street Peeper (Phil Oh)

Though Phil Oh does not run a blog, his Instagram account is one of my favorites! I appreciate his work and the way he catch...

A problem we’ve had since the very creation of makeup brushes is that we lose product in them before the brush even touches our face. Not only is this super wasteful, but as a college student, it also means we are essentially throwing away some of the money we spent on that fancy foundation.

The solution? A tool that ...

February 1, 2017

America, we are less than two weeks into the Trump presidency. Some are fearful, angry, and in disbelief; others feel relieved, joyous, and even have a newly-restored sense of patriotism. Whether this new chapter has you looking forward to America being “great again,” or wondering when America was ever "great", here’...

January 23, 2017

Discovering a daily moisturizer that works for your skin type and your makeup routine is surely something to celebrate. It definitely gets exhausting, though, when just as you’ve found your own holy grail product, the magazines start to buzz about another! It makes you wonder, "do all of these things actually work?”...

January 2, 2017

The Chinese calendar calls 2017 the “Year of the Rooster.” But according to the beauty gods, the year of lip gloss is upon us!

Ah, lip gloss. Don’t you miss having to slide your hair off of your lips any time you ever-so-slightly moved your head? What about having your lips completely bare again by the time you finish...

December 2, 2016

*All photos by Brittney Hughes*

Model: @amyhaase

The time has come to add an enigmatic touch to our makeup collection; A rebellious update to our winter makeup routine. With the infinite color range of lipstick available to us nowadays, there’s no excuse for sticking to the classics.

Amy here is obviously a pro at this...

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