What to Wear: Transitioning into PSL Season

Oh, September. Out goes the beach days and in comes autumn coffee flavors, cooler weather and the beginning of holiday season--what’s not to love? Well, if you’re a Fashionista on a painfully tight clothing budget (thanks a lot, college), the change in seasons might not be all that welcome. More importantly, what do you wear when your city feels like January in the morning but rises to July temperatures by lunchtime?

During this transitional time of year, don’t waste money by giving up all your summer pieces; and don’t forfeit your 2:00 p.m. comfort by diving too quickly into sweater season! For now, your most versatile favorites can still be worn until the cold weather actually kicks in. When I saw this Fashionista on the way to class, I knew she understood this advice to a T. Here’s how this Fashionista got extra mileage out of her summer tank and lightweight denim.

*Photos by Brittney Hughes*

Stylist & Model: Mara Sophie

Layers are key--although she’s wearing a tank top, her long jacket provides extra warmth if necessary. It’s not quite time to let go of sandals yet, so black Birkenstocks were perfect for adding a casual touch to her outfit. Did anyone else notice the slightly-fringed hem on the jeans? (fall trend alert) Neutral tones can easily be a snooze fest when you’ve been used to seeing bright colors all summer, but if you ask me, the simplicity in her outfit is exactly what gave it its charm. The relaxed fit of the jacket paired with her coordinating leather bucket bag kept it totally interesting. Not to mention I was absolutely refreshed when I noticed her simple makeup, dainty earrings and shiny silver rings.

The next time you’re stuck wondering what to wear in this finicky weather, pay some homage to this cool-girl look. As you stretch your own wardrobe into this chilly month, try beige and black out for yourself, or go bold with fall's fierier hues like orange, red, rust or mustard yellow. Trust me, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Chances are, you have multiple versions of this outfit right in your closet already. Kudos to this Fashionista for showing us how it’s done this month!