Reasons to Get into Spring’s Biggest (or, Tiniest) Trend

Spring 2017’s hottest runway accessory is a take on clutches we’ve never quite seen before (unless they were embroidered with Disney princesses on the arms of toddlers in the local family restaurant). Behold trendsetters—the mini purse. Here’s why you need one:

1. Go minimalist with your purse content

These micro-accessories force you to leave a majority of your purse junk at home, but that’s a good thing! To get the prestigiously hands-free, “I left my other designer purse with my driver” look, you need no more than your phone and a lipstick anyway. Can’t we technically count these as accent jewelry? Because I’m tempted to pile one of these onto every outfit of the season.

2. Mini size, max impact

If they were any smaller they’d be invisible, but something about these stylish little bags actually attracts more attention than our clumsy, oversized totes! Though their interiors can’t hold much, their highly-decorated exteriors bring a punch of maximalism to even the simplest outfits. Micro-purses hit the runways over a year ago, & have been interpreted in dozens of trendy colors, styles, finishes, and materials since then.

3. Pint-sized purse, pint-sized price tags

Shopaholics— This is the last and best reason of them all to justify purchasing another bag. The price is just an cute as the purse! These are an easy way to score designer goods while only doing a fourth of the designer-damage on your bank account.

(Photos via Indigital)

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