"Why Didn't You Just Keep Your Hair The Same Forever?"

Ah, hair. It’s the crown we never take off, 80% of any selfie we take, and one of the first things people notice about us. It is a superficial marker we often define ourselves with, and may even feel our entire identities rely on it. If you're not the girl with the long/short/blonde/pink hair, who are you? (Spoiler alert—you’re still the same you [with a refreshing amount of newfound confidence]!)

Everybody’s hair has a story. From deciding to chop it all off for charity, dye it gray on a whim, or embracing natural curls, there’s more than meets the eye. So I wanted to know, what was the story behind some of the gorgeous manes I've ever seen? Why didn't they just keep their hair the same forever?

Here are 16 beautiful ladies and their hair stories.

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If there’s one word that seems to describe the overall effect of a drastic hair change, it’s liberation. Though change often makes us anxious, perhaps it’s the best confidence booster of them all!

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