The Most Important Thing to Know About Spring 2017 Trends

If Spring/Summer 2017 runways have proven anything, it’s that this season, the trend is that there are no trends. We make the rules. Can you wear stripes this Spring? What colors are most popular? What silhouettes are taking over? Do we buy ruffles or pleats? Red or pink? Sporty or feminine? Maxi skirts or trousers? Military influences or florals? Super-brights, or minimalist, pastel hues? Mellow, monochromatic looks or head-to-toe prints? Edgy-modern or vintage flare?

The answer is Yes.

If you’re feeling Adidas one day, go for it. If you want to pair your sweatshirt with a tulle skirt over your denim blue jeans, do it. If you want to pair your chunky-heeled military boots with a floral maxi skirt, do it! Chanel tweed jacket with pearls and cutoff jeans? Why not? Mix, match, flip, flop, juxtapose, and get dressed without checking the magazines. Spring/summer 2017 is all about doing you. Check out my example below.