The Traditional Runway Is Dead


The death of the traditional runway is near. Gone are the days of overly-crowded, uber-prestigious, row-to-row, packed wall-to-wall runway shows, and in are the days of revolutionary new formats. If you need further proof that this Fashion Month was a season like no other: check out Chinese designer Chi Zhang’s Fall 2017 presentation below.


The music was loud—a heart-hitting dubstep beat. The models served attitude, swagger, and dance moves of their own as they strutted down the runway. The atmosphere, having taken place at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum, was futuristic and downtown-cool, but grudgy and party-like at the same time. Leather, fur, PVC, straps, graphics, and masks were everywhere. Most colors were variations of black, white, red, yellow, and blue.


As a dresser backstage for this show, I felt the beat of the music from across the ship. The clothes were edgy and full of infectious badass attitude. A traditional one-after-the-other type of runway show, finished with a parade of models clapping nonchalantly certainly would not have done the Lower-East-Side collection any justice.


All photos via Polina Buchak 


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