5 Pieces You Didn’t Realize Would Look So Good In Denim

We all love our trusty pair of jeans as much as the next guy, so of course after hunting for the perfect pair for so long, they are our favorite go-tos. But how many days out of the week are we guilty of letting our denim make us a lazy dresser? (*cough, 6*) We must open our eyes to new possibilities, Fashionistas.

Denim comes in all shades, shapes, styles, cuts & sizes; It’s about time we act like it! Read below for a few pieces you never knew could look so good in denim.

1— Heels

Shoe collection currently full of leather, canvas and suede? Yawwwn. Time for an update, Fashionistas. This shoe site has introduced me to some of the most interesting new shoe trends I’ve ever seen! Not to mention their amazingly frequent student discounts and surprisingly efficient shipping, despite being an international brand. I mean seriously, who else on your campus do you know with frayed denim heel sandals? No one, I bet.

2— Culottes

This trend may seem super 2016, but trust me, when you take the embellished hems and frayed edges off of them, culottes are easily the pants staple your closet needs for good. Look for ones that are clean cut, have a crisp color, and are fit to perfection. These are so internship and interview-ready, you can’t even tell that they’re actually made out of a white denim blend!

Photo via @fakeleather

3— Skirt

Did anyone else just get a flashback to middle school, when teeny tiny denim skirts from Hollister (sometimes worn over black leggings) were all the rage? Thankfully, the denim skirt has since then gotten a major makeover, with all new lengths and styles to choose from. Aiming for the pencil skirt look without the corporate feel? This distressed denim is the way to go.

4— Crop Top

If you are 10x over your denim button-down, this summer option is for you. The key to updating your denim collection (if you’re not ready for knee-high denim boots yet) is to search in familiar clothing categories, but keep a keen eye for newer silhouettes. The unfinished edges and extra tie on this one make it a super-versatile favorite, for less than $10!

5— Jacket

No, not the kind of regular denim jacket I shamelessly have 12 of; This one is a serious wardrobe update. The easiest way to spice up your denim is to make it your own! Paint it, embellish it, embroider it, crop it, rip it, dye it, switch the sleeve fabric, resew it into a new shape—whatever you please! If you’re not the type to go full DIY on your clothing, lucky for you, you can always buy versions that look just as custom.

Who knew denim could look so good? Is anyone swinging a pair of scissors around their fingers right now, in full-blown DIY mode? Be sure to show us your favorite denim with the #StyleGuruLove hashtag!