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Here's Exactly What to See, Eat, & Experience in Athens, Greece


Athens, Greece, in just 5 days, became one of my favorite vacation destinations! The country itself was effortlessly beautiful. The cultural influence of ancient Greek history and mythology was evident everywhere I went. My money went far! Throughout my stay, it felt like the sunshine, beaches, and all-around great energy were all just hugging my soul, and refreshing my mind in a much, much needed way. I laughed. I loved (the food). I was serenaded on the streets. I ordered mojitos for 4€ each almost twice a day. I couldn't get enough! In case you were wondering how the people of such a homogenous country treat foreigners & tourists– The Greeks genuinely seem not to have a single prejudiced bone in their bodies (which was a relief). They were kind, warm, and fed me until my stomach wanted to explode!



The only thing better than sipping my morning tea in our perfectly-located Air Bnb, was sipping it out of the ethically made, hand-painted teacup I bought from a family-owned souvenir shop in Monistiraki Square. In case you're wondering what I did all day after quiet moments like this, read my full tourist guide here. I would definitely revisit to do it all again in a heartbeat.


Feel free to reach out via Instagram (@brittneyfhughes) DM or email ( if you have any questions or further suggestions! Happy traveling! 


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