#BeautyWithBritt: Halloween Hair That *Is* The Costume

Right now on social media, full on spooky season enthusiasts and last-minute-cat-costumers alike are jokingly asking: "Was Halloween last weekend, or are we still good for the 31st?" No worries, girl. Despite the looks of your Instagram feed, Halloween is indeed this week, and the festivities have just begun. So what do you do if you– despite having the extra Hallo-weekend to prepare– have yet to decide on a costume? Clairol, the long recognized hair color expert, has you covered with their new Color Crave line of hair makeup.

Before even trying it out, what I loved about Color Crave is that it's completely temporary and the product itself doubles as the application tool. The spongey applicator tip allows for more precise color placement than, say, a spray can or complicated dye-kit. Not to mention there's a wide array of colors to choose from that are both Halloween-worthy and wearable. The formula is infused with 3-D micro-crystals that temporarily bond to the hair’s surface and coat each strand to create subtle to intense color effects.

After testing it for myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see that each color actually shows up on my pitch-black hair, when it was straightened and in its natural, curly-afro form! If I can use it, you can definitely use it. It also did not dry down to a crunchy texture, which felt wonderful compared to other temporary methods I've tried. No ammonia, peroxide parabens or permanent commitment? Count me in.

This hair makeup gives you fearless options you'll want to keep far past October 31st. No matter how wearable or wild your creation is, the color can be washed completely out with shampoo, and switched up as often as daily (if you have that kind of energy). So, who will you be– an aqua-haired mermaid? A silvery half-and-half Cruella de Vil? A unicorn, rocking her best rainbow locks? Or will you just experiment with a new look this autumn? The possibilities are endless with this affordable Halloween savior.


Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup ($9)


Can't wait to see your new 'do! With love,


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