#BeautyWithBritt: Cleansing Oils Instead of Makeup Wipes– Why?

Great question! There are actually two different types of oils that your question could be referring to. To make sure I answer your question completely (and clear up any confusion), I'll give you the rundown about both of them.

Cleansing Oils

I suspect that this is the method you had in mind, considering their recently buzzed-about skin benefits. In a nutshell, cleansing oils are said to remove makeup, dirt, excess oil and grime without removing the "good oils" in your skin. How could an oil-based cleanser possibly clean your skin, you might ask? Well, the ingredients in cleansing oils are naturally attracted to other oils in your skin (like those found in makeup, for example). To clean your skin, cleansing oils pull impurities to the surface of the face, so that they can be rinsed away with just water. No facial cleanser is needed afterwards, unless you'd like to double-cleanse (which I often do after oil cleansing– just for peace of mind). The result? Skin that's hydrated, clean, and can keep itself balanced in the absence of a complicated skincare routine– No tightness involved, and very little follow-up moisturizer needed.

Removing Your Makeup With Oil

It's important to know that "using a cleansing oil" is a much different method than "cleansing (your makeup off) with oil"! The latter option is super common, as well as much easier to understand. Removing makeup with oil is exactly the same as using a makeup wipe or micellar water. Simply pour the oil of your choice into your hands or onto a cotton pad, apply to your face, and wipe until your makeup has broken down. Follow-up application of your normal facial cleanser and routine is absolutely still necessary, since removing your makeup cleans no deeper than the surface of your face (if that). Common oil options include coconut oil, baby oil, olive oil, rose hip oil, and more. Remember to research the effects each oil has on your type of skin before choosing your own, and test it on a small patch of your arm before going full-face with your new makeup remover! Here's what one reader said about this method:

"I use baby oil to take off all of my makeup, even if I have a full face on! I buy the unscented hypoallergenic kind, which is literally *so* cheap, amazing, and never breaks me out (thank God)! I always still do my entire night routine afterwards, just to make sure all the makeup is actually off and that pores aren't clogged."


Well said, Katerina! You've definitely got the hang of it ;) So, in a nutshell: Cleansing oils are a replacement for your current facial cleanser, and possibly your moisturizer, depending on your skin's needs. Cleaning your makeup off with oil is only a replacement for your current makeup remover! See below for picks to consider before trying one of these methods for yourself.


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Hope that helped! With love,