#BeautyWithBritt: Trying Out a Routine Entirely from DECIEM

As you all know by now (via my Instagram obsession with them the past few weeks), I recently started working at DECIEM skincare stores as a Brand Ambassador. In hopes of becoming a pro at helping clients put together effective skincare routines of their own, I’ve set out to try every single DECIEM product for myself. Yes, every single one. Each week, I will be trying out a new set of products, taking note of my favorites, and documenting it all along the way. Keep reading for a breakdown of Week 1!

When putting together this week’s routine, I focused on my top skincare concerns, as well as the results I want most out of a skincare routine:

  • long-term hyperpigmentation fading

  • hydration

  • protection from the New York City air and pollutants

So, here’s my first DECIEM regimen, in order of application! Feel free to screenshot your faves for your next trip to DECIEM.

Glycolic Toning Solution ($9):

It’s not just a normal toner, which would be used as a quick post-cleanse facial wipe down– it’s a cool toner. Anyway, all Mean Girls references aside, the reason it is called a “toning solution” is because it has a mixture of active, hydrating, and soothing ingredients that remove dead skin & brighten the complexion.

HOW I USED/LIKE IT: Once every other night, after cleanser, but before any other steps. It did what it’s supposed to! Nothing much to say here.

Buy it here, or in stores.

Hyaluronic Acid + B5 ($7):

Don’t be afraid of the word “acid” in its name. Hyaluronic Acid is actually a substance that your body naturally produces already! DECIEM just put it in a (very reasonably priced) bottle. Its purpose in the body is to hold moisture in your skin. In fact, it is capable of holding up to 1000x its weight in water. Your skin will quite literally drink this right up. Because of its natural presence in our bodies, it can be used by anyone, regardless of skin type, and in coordination with any routine.

HOW I USED/LIKE IT: Every day, AM and PM, after toning solution but before any active products. It takes a few minutes to sink into skin completely, so on makeup days or mornings when I was crunched for time, I’d opt for their (thinner) Marine Hyaluronics formula instead.

Buy it here, or in stores.

RE Pigment ($39 or $70):

First thing’s first– please note that this is not a spot-lightening or bleaching serum in any way! Here’s the real deal: When your skin experiences trauma (a pimple, cut, etc.), your skin sends extra melanin to that area to protect & heal it. However, sometimes, our skin goes a little overboard trying to protect us, and send so much melanin to that area, that a visible dark brown spot is visible on the surface of our skin. That unpleasant after-effect is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH, for short).

Basically, RE:Pigment sends a message to our skin saying “Chill, skin melanin! This area is fine!” Its job is to stop the unevenly-distributed overproduction of melanin on the face. This serum reaches those PIH areas, disperses the extra melanin, and leaves behind permanent, visible results.

HOW I USED/LIKE IT: Every PM, and occasionally in the AM with sunscreen. Unlike other spot-fading treatments, RE:Pigment works from the deepest layer of skin, outwards. That explains why I did not see faded dark spots and a more even skin tone until the very end of my one week trail. I’ll definitely keep using it in future regimen trials, to see just how *insert sparkle emoji here* I can get my skin to be.

Buy it here, or in stores.

Resveratol + Ferulic Acid ($8):

Both ingredients in this simple serum are antioxidants. That means that your face has a natural shield from anything (environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, etc.) that can harm your skin cells.

HOW I USED/LIKE IT: As my second-to-last step every AM and PM, to put a nice barrier between my skin (and its products) and the New York I'm surrounded in. Rather than a serum consistency, it feels like an oil, so I let 1-3 drops do the trick.

Buy it here, or in stores.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil ($15):

Why haven’t more skincare brands tapped into the magic powers of this fruit yet?! It has so many benefits, I’ve lost track. This oil is hydrating, anti-inflammatory, scar-fading, anti-aging, improves your overall skin health– you name it! However, it’s super important to beware of its yellow tint, which will stain your pillowcase if you don’t give it enough time to absorb.

HOW I USED/LIKE IT: Every PM as a very last step to “lock everything in”, since it has the highest molecular weight. In English, that means that it is the thickest product in my regimen, therefore “sits on top of the skin” more than the others.

Call me crazy, but despite its color, I used it in the morning, too! However, I only get away with doing this because of my deep/dark skin tone and natural yellow undertones. It blended with my natural color so nicely, and gave me a better golden glow than my favorite tinted moisturizer! Because of it, I wore no makeup for 5 days out of the week. Anyone who’s fairer than me or does not have golden undertones should stick to using this at night, and wash it off in the morning!

Buy it here, or in stores.

Week 1 overall opinion, you ask? I am absolutely loving the way my skin looks and feels at the moment. This week was great to kick off the long-term results I've always wanted, but what I'm really excited to try out is more of DECIEM's "instant result" kind of products, starting Sunday, Dec. 9th. See you then!