Genius DIY Vanity Organization Tips We Learned From Instagram

Having a place for every beauty essential you own is way easier said than done. If you’re even half the makeup hoarder your family and friends claim you are, you probably stare at your products and wonder how to organize them in the most efficient and chic way possible (after all, they are perfect for that Instagram aesthetic). Cosmetic hoarders, look no further. If you’re hoping to finally achieve your 2018 organization goals and still be right on trend with the Glossier-covered #shelfies taking over your feed, keep reading on for six easy ideas to help you achieve the Insta-worthy vanity of your dreams.

Invest In An Array of Containers

Sure, it would be easier to just have one container (or Ziploc bag) for all of your makeup, but doing this can make it impossible to quickly find what you need in the morning. Instead, choose a few trays, drawers, or bins that allow you to separate your products into categories.

Categorize Smart

Categorize by use (brushes, sponges, and which products you use daily vs. the ones you don't), then by type (eyes, lips, face), then by brand; Because organizing solely by brand is virtually useless, especially if you have plenty of product from each your favorite brands. Make your mornings easier by keeping daily essentials within reach and separate from the others.

Utilize a Cute Catch-All Basket For Easy Storage

A simple wire basket (originally meant to hold fruit) can be the perfect place to toss all of those extra items and keepsakes you want to look at on the daily rather than stashing in a drawer. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to grab on-the-go essentials from before you run out the door in the morning.

Let Your Makeup Take Center Stage With Clear Storage Options

Packaging these days can be more aesthetically pleasing than actual decorations! Show off your favorite products with an all-white color scheme and clear containers. Your vanity will practically be begging to be photographed.

Tip: If you have so much makeup that you sometimes wish you couldn't see it all at once, you can can always opt for solid colored storage alternatives. This will allow you to display your favorites, and hide the rest. Search for ones made in an easy-to-clean material, such as metal or acrylic.

Put Your Prettiest Bottles on a Pedestal

Turn your vanity into art with your prettiest buys. Put your fancy bottles on display, and then match any other dorm decorations (photos, sculptures, plants, etc.) to creative a cohesive color scheme. Time to reach those #aestheticgoals you’ve always double-tapped in envy.

Tip: To make your vanity social media gold, keep conversation starters front and center.

Have More Than One Mirror

Yes, there's the standard mirror that came with your vanity, but the more the merrier! Be sure to have one large mirror (usually mounted horizontally) for hair styling, as well as a smaller tabletop mirror for applying makeup. You may also want to invest in a decorative handheld one, for close-up makeup details and to feature in your next #shelfie.