What's In My Everyday Purse?

On any average day, I can be spotted somewhere in Chelsea, wearing one of my most prized possessions– a small, timeless purse gifted to me by my fabulous grandmother. It has a calf hair front, gold hardware, and four deceivingly spacious compartments. The cross body strap makes it adjustable from boob to knee, but I like to let it hover just below the waist, for easy accessibility.

So, what do I—an editor, Virgo, and proud makeup hoarder—keep inside my beloved purse on a daily basis? No more than 10 items, actually (Yes, really). Read below to see which items make the cut day after day.

metallic card case

Like anyone, I went through an “adult wallet” phase. (Shout out to the first designer wallet we all just had to have.) Now I know: larger wallets are just an abyss of receipts waiting to happen. This small card holder is all I need.

Apple headphones

They’re makeup-stained and non-negotiable, because my day cannot begin without my 8am playlist. I occasionally swap these out for my olive green over-the-ear Beats.

Fenty Beauty blotting powder

If you're an oily girl, makeup wearer, frequent subway rider, or all of the above (like myself), never fear– Fenty is here. Midday touch-ups are crucial.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (in Nahz Fur Atoo)

This is my perfect red (sorry, Stunna). It was love at first sight. I’m not one to shy away from the concept of wearing red lipstick every day, so this tube has certainly given me my money’s worth (as you can see).

Onomie "Aced It" metal mirror

My practical little heart just smiles at the thought of a mirror that won’t shatter if I drop it. The matte side is also great for mixing foundation, highlighter, and other liquid makeup on the go! (I take my Sephora sampling very seriously.) Bonus: The vegan leather "Aced It" case it comes with protects it from scratches. Not to mention I love a motivational word or two.

a mini boar bristle brush and EcoStyler Krystal hair gel

Some carry hairspray, some prefer travel-sized dry shampoo, but my signature slick ponytail requires a *little* more effort than that. My mini boar brush is accompanied by a travel lip balm container, filled with none other than my favorite hair gel.

Tocca hand cream

My internship's office bathroom is accessorized with a covetable slew of hand soaps, lotions, and touch-up products, but most other places tend to lack that type of hospitality. After using cheap public bathroom foam soap (you know the feeling), this perfect blend of lemon and green tea brings my hands right back to life.

Sephora Collection lipstick remover (discontinued)

When my lipstick of the day starts to feel too dry to reapply, I rub this on with a napkin to get a clean slate. Smooth color application looks a lot better than adding another crackly layer on top of this morning’s lipstick. This one is now discontinued, but Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm in a travel lip balm container will also do the trick.

Not pictured:

- My iPhone 8 Plus (It's my lifeline, but here's a warning if you're going to contact me: I check my email more than my text messages and calls)

- Starbucks card (Gold Member status since 2011, thank you very much) - Black aviator sunglasses (which I have no problem wearing at night and/or indoors)

- Furla coin purse (for my $1 pizza kind of days)

- Elizabeth & James rollerball fragrance in Bourbon (because I love masculine, amber-based, woodsy scents)

What is the most unique item in your purse right now? Let me know on Instagram, or in the comments below!