What Social Media Influencers Wish They'd Known Earlier

If your account is strictly for personal purposes and you don’t care about your content order or follower engagement, these tips aren’t for you. But assuming you clicked this article for a reason, read on to find out what social media’s most popular influencers have known all along.

1-- Know what you want.

What are you actually working towards? If everything went your way, what would your career be? What kind of people would you be associating yourself with? What kinds of brands would you work with? What kind of content do you create? What is your platform? Is your account a personal place, or an extension of your personal brand or business? Who do you think will find value in your content? The first step of your social media journey is to know what your goals are!

2-- Be easy to find and have a detailed bio.

Don’t make your followers have to hunt you down or stumble upon another one of your profiles by accident! On your profiles, be sure to list your other accounts, link your personal website, specify what city you’re from, etc. Even include a fun little blurb about yourself (see #5). Include everything you have space for—You never know which little piece of info will make a visitor decide to hit the follow button!

3-- Plan it out, or at least be consistent.

If you’re not the type to have an archive of pictures planned out and ready to post in a perfect app-coordinated order, the least you could do is be consistent. Use a familiar filter or color scheme throughout your account, use an easily-recognizable caption style, have a certain “voice” or tone, etc. It’s truly up to you. The main idea is to be easily distinguishable.

4— Post at a decent rate.

Pay attention to what your audience likes. Do have Kim Kardashian’s kind of followers, that need 2-3 daily posts to keep you on their minds? Or are they the BeyHive kind of audience, who don’t mind waiting a week between each post & shower you with love when the time comes? Once you find a comfortable posting rate, don’t forget to observe what days and times of the week bring in the most impressions.

5-- Be less showy, and more relatable.

The little kinks of your day are more interesting than you think. Am I advising you to make each photo caption an entire diary entry? Not unless your audience is into that sort of thing. But don’t be afraid to be real. Let your followers know when you’ve had a rough day, or spilled coffee onto your phone because of a shaky subway train. Trust me: the ‘highlight-reel of my life’s best moments’ type of accounts are getting boring. Your audience will love you that much more when they can view your content and actually say “Me too!” sometimes. Say it with me: less designer, more doggie pictures!

6-- Let your audience know you have a pulse.

Your followers (as well as the people you follow) want to know you’re alive! Get ready for some tough love: If you are constantly pushing content onto your follower’s feeds, but pretending to be “too busy” to reply to a few posts, comments, or compliments, quite frankly, you’re operating on pop-up-ad status right now *eye roll*. One thing every Fashionista knows is that a huge part of being an influencer is being there for the people that look up to them. Your responses to posts, reposts, and comments make your followers feel more connected to you (therefore more willing to follow you to other platforms and support any of your newest endeavors). Treat your followers like gold— your engagement depends on them, not your clout!

7-- Be a valuable person to follow.

Fashionistas, I think Beyoncé is the only person on this planet who could post just any old thing she wants, not follow back a single soul, and still break the internet every 3 weeks. (Not that she’d ever post something that is not life shattering.) As for the rest of us, we have to give our followers some incentive to stay! Be mindful of why they followed you in the first place and pay attention to what they react well to. Post things they’ll love! Build trust and peak their interest by showing them there’s something in it for them too. Try doing giveaways, sharing discount codes, reposting a fellow blogger’s most recent article, or even a motivational quote once or twice a week.

So Fashionistas, it’s not as hard as you think to gain followers who are engaged and loyal! Keeping these tips (and patience) in mind, there’s no limit to how strong your social media presence can be!

What tips do you wish someone had told you your first few months on social media? Let me know on Twitter!

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