Style Advice: Statement Fur

Fashion maximalists rejoice— this fall/winter’s trends are for you! Velvet has made a comeback, patches are all over our clothes again and Gucci’s amazingly embroidered denim has us all in DIY mode. Just when I thought this year’s runways couldn’t be any more exciting, in came the statement fur trend!

Celebrities have actually already been embracing this bold trend for months. The Kardashians sported mammoth-like fur coats (some even detailed with diamonds) to Kanye’s Yeezy 3 show this past spring. Beyoncé rocked a long, luscious mink in multiple music videos for her latest album. Most recently, Rihanna gave us total, well, Rihanna vibes when she casually pranced around Soho in a red, heart-shaped Saint Laurent jacket. Looking at recent celebrity pictures, I just couldn’t stop basking in the colorful, glamorous glory of statement fur!

So, how do non-millionaire Fashionistas approach such a bold trend? As with anything, start small and work your way up. Fur ball purse chains and clutches are perfect for getting your feet wet. To go waist-deep into this pool of posh, try a vest in a quieter hue like mauve or navy blue. Fur ball shoe clips are my absolute favorite way to give any pair of shoes (like last year’s minimalist two-strap heels) a trendy, no-commitment transformation. If you want to dive head first into the full-on fabulousity of fur, take notes from this Fashionista’s jacket.

The punch of life her colorful fur gave to the jacket’s olive green exterior was contagious. At first sight, this jacket brightened my mood and gave me the life I needed to survive a triple-class day. This perfectly-styled Fashionista even explained to me that the jacket was reversible! I think we’re all officially in love now. When wearing such attention-grabbing outerwear, it’s important that the rest of the outfit has its own zing, but not so much that the ensemble becomes cluttered and unfocused. Toning down her bottom half with boyfriend jeans made the trend more wearable, while still highlighting the jacket’s flamboyant statement fur. With all of this cozy-glam going on, the simplicity of her small, leather backpack complimented the quirk of the jacket perfectly. I appreciated the way her patent leather booties gave the bottom half of her outfit some pizazz of its own, while still matching the backpack and pulling the look together.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of how a runway-esque trend can easily be interpreted to fit into anyone’s closet. There’s nothing to be afraid of–anyone can get away with statement fur this season!

*All photos by Brittney Hughes*

Stylist & Model: Nicole Plonski