#AroundTheUSAIn 10 Super Underrated Bakeries & Ice Cream Shops

It’s the first week of July, so you know what that means, Fashionistas! Grab your boarding passes and get ready for another #AroundTheUSAIn post. What is our travel goal this time around, you ask? Read below for the country’s best* (and most underrated) places to grab a sweet treat.

*Bakeries and shops are not ranked in any particular order

1— Levain Bakery (New York, New York)

Levain Bakery is my absolute favorite hole in the wall. Strolling down West 74th Street, you’ll probably stop and ask someone, “what on earth are all these people waiting for?” And when you get that answer, Fashionistas, I suggest you hop right onto the back of that line; The huge quarter-pound cookie will definitely be worth it. No more than 8 customers can fit inside at a time, but with delicious $6 choices like dark chocolate chocolate, chocolate chip walnut, peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin served hot and fresh every day, it’s no wonder the line is always down the block!

2— Applegate Farms (Montclair, New Jersey)

Run by multiple generations of ice-cream-loving families of the past, Applegate Farms makes the type of homemade cone you crave at 1am during a Netflix binge. Here’s some fun facts from their website: “From 1848 to present, families from Northern NJ have enjoyed fresh dairy products from the farm that has come to be known as Applegate Farm. Located fifteen minutes west of NYC, one can step back into time when you visit Applegate Farm. You can see the original farm house that saw many slaves to freedom during the Civil War, as well as an authentic tile silo, one of three built in New Jersey in 1919. With its reputation and notoriety, Applegate Farm has survived the Civil War, The Great Depression, and two World Wars. To this day people travel miles to enjoy the nostalgia and charm that Applegate Farm offers.” When you can, Fashionistas, take a Sunday night drive to NJ, sit on the trunk of your car, and enjoy a treat made with love from Applegate Farms.

3— Aglamesis Brothers (Cincinnati, Ohio)

My favorite Aglamesis Yelp review states “I lack the creativity to type in the guttural noise I would make to express how delicious this ice cream is.” LOL! If you live near Cincinnati and haven’t been to Aglamesis Bros, can you even call yourself an ice cream or candy lover?! This destination has admirable customer service, an old-fashioned atmosphere, all the flavors/toppings your heart desires, and a seriously cult-like local following. Fashionistas, it sounds like a trip to Cincinnati is in order this summer.

Photo via @audreyhirschl

4— Cait & Abby’s Bakery (South Orange, New Jersey)

Call it nostalgia, maybe bias, but my childhood simply would not have been the same without the weekly afternoon cookie stops at Cait & Abby’s. Why go to the local pizzeria for a canoli, the grocery store for fresh croissants, an expensive delicatessen for a quality eclair, Whole Foods for an english muffin pizza, and a bread shop for a decent homemade banana bread, when Cait & Abby’s has you covered under one roof? If you don’t try anything else, pick yourself up a holiday-themed cookie and a warm zucchini muffin— your wallet and tastebuds will thank you!

Photo via @justaddguac

5— Tartine Bakery (San Francisco, California)

If you love bread as much as Oprah, this award-winning California favorite is for you! With a name that means “buttered bread” in French, should we expect any less? Stop by for bread and pastries that are just as delicious as they are Instagram-worthy.

Photo via @marinacochina

6— Doc’s Artisan Ice Cream (Tempe, Arizona)

Something about family-owned ice cream shops makes the sweet treat taste like it’s made with nothing but love! With gigantic machinery, the ice cream making process on full display, and daily flavor advice from Doc himself, this small batch ice cream shop gives you the friendly feeling (and serving size) you wish your local ice cream chain provided. If your dreams involve anything sweet, unique and delicious, you’re sure to leave Doc’s with a dream come true in hand.

Photo via @docsartisanicecreams

7— Se7en Bites (Orlando, Florida)

A Pillsbury biscuit with butter is fine and dandy, but for some real brunch excellence, you better head to Se7en Bites. Biscuits are topped with everything from eggs and bacon to potatoes chips and even mac & cheese. If that sounds delicious, don’t even get me started on that menu of sweets…

Photo via @megan_nguyen

8— Janjou Patisserie (Boise, Idaho)

Is it just me, or did we miss the “travel to Europe” memo everyone on Instagram seems to have received this summer? Never fear, Fashionistas— Janjou is here to cure our FOMO with the finest European ingredients a US bakery could provide! Now, you’re only 1 wishful geotag away from Paris.

Photo via @jasondoesdinner

9— Munchers Bakery (Lawrence, Kansas)

Fashionistas, it’s officially that time of year when we donut care about the latest “summer body diet” (misspelling very much intended). In the name of a sugary, diet-free July, Munchers is where you’ll find us, snacking on a chocolate croissant, cinnamon twist, and a strawberry cream cheese donut— possibly all at once. We’ll worry about a detox later.

Photo via @sean_miller67

10— Cow Tipping Creamery (Austin,Texas)

Austin’s favorite ice cream truck now has a brick-and-mortar location! If you’re craving those famously over-the-top sundaes with crazy toppings like cereal, brownie chunks, and peanut butter (but also want a place to sit and bask in the glory of your food coma), this is where you go.

Photo via @msrachelhollis

I scream, you scream, we all scream in favor of postponing our Fourth of July detox one more week!